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Yes, of course! There is a program for every fitness level. I have made every plan under the sun. Vegan, paleo, carnivore, keto, vegetarian, carb cycling, etc. Everything has been meticulously thought of and has been pre-planned for every individual possible which is determined through the quiz/application.

Ross and the fityouniversity team will both reply to all emails ASAP. The response time varies but you should expect to get a reply within 24 hours. Although more often we respond a lot quicker than that. Also keep in mind our team is based in the U.S. Due to different time zones you may get a delayed reply when you may normally expect a more efficient one. We work on the CST time zone.

All meal plans and workout regimens for 1-on-1 clients are personalized to the specific individual and their goals. Based on (but not limited to) each individuals statistics, daily activity levels, food preferences and goal. A complete macronutrient breakdown is also included with all personalized meal plans. So anything you dislike, cannot access, does not fit your budget or simply want excluded, can be taken care of for you. Ross currently has countless vegetarian/vegan/gluten free clients. He is used to working with a wide variety of clients and can tailor to anyone’s needs Each individual is taken into consideration and catered to accordingly.

In order to follow a personalized workout from the Fityouniversity programs, a gym membership is highly recommended for the Athlete cross training and muscle building programs if you are looking for the best results possible. The weight loss plan is pretty much strictly bodyweight and can be done at home or in a local park or field. However, a gym membership is not mandatory as we do offer personalized at home workout programs that can still build muscle (muscle building or cross training). It’s all about HOW you are executing your workouts that matters, which is explained in each plan. For further inquiries pertaining to gym memberships, home gym set ups or limited gym equipment, simply email support.


In order to lose body fat you must be in a caloric deficit. It’s simple math. Less calories than your total daily energy expenditure also known as your maintenance calorie level. In order to bulk up and gain muscle mass you must be in a calorie surplus. Or consuming more calories than your “maintenance level”. So trying to achieve both muscle gain and fat loss at the same time is difficult but it can be done. You really need to focus on one goal at a time. Long term consistency will take over when you are disciplined in your routine. If you want to get bigger, focus on prioritizing heavy strength training through weight lifting. If you want to get leaner, focus on prioritizing HIIT and athletic bodyweight training to shred up. All the while keep in mind your ultimate goal of a lean & muscular physique. Keep this in mind when selecting what your end goal is.

When you purchase a Fityouniversity program you should receive an email with the links to download your plans. Information you provide will include (but not be limited to) your statistics, daily activity levels, food preferences and goal.


You can have ONE cheat meal (two if you work your butt off that week) per week. I usually suggest wednesday night or sunday evening. If you want the best results, stay away from cheat meals and sugary drinks. I understand… everything in moderation, even a super healthy diet. Sometimes when you go “all in” on something new, after a month you start to fall off. We are all human. If you need a cheat meal to keep yourself on track long term, then do it! Try to be conscious of how hard you cheat. One meal, not the entire day of eating.

This includes, but is not limited to things like: Vegetables, Protein Bars, Shakes, Chewing Gum, Coffee, Tea and condiments. There is no concrete way to answer this question as so many factors can come into play. Firstly, the commonality between all the above mentioned is they all have a calorie count and any additional calories are going to be detrimental to your goal. If you have selected “Cut Down” as your goal any additional calories are going to, at the very least stall your progress. If you are bulking, too many increased calories can lead to excessive gains in fat. So regardless of your goal any additional food items not mentioned in your personalised meal plan will need to be substituted in. As for the additional protein shakes just consider them additional calories. Ross ensures all clients minimum protein and fat requirements are met. So additional protein is not needed. Any protein shakes/bars will need to again, be substituted in.  Now things like chewing gum, the odd coffee and condiments can all be consumed! In fact we encourage consumption. However not at the expense of your results and keep in mind moderation is key. So having 5 coffees, 1 pack of chewing and drenching every meal in oil/salt is not moderation. Keep it to 2 coffees per day (low fat milk and no sugar). A piece of gum after each meal say. As for condiments only us the bare minimum! Just enough oil so the steak won’t stick to the pan. Just enough BBQ sauce to flavour your meal. Go with a low/zero salt seasoning options. All this is to ensure you the client achieve the results you deserve.

With regard to supplements, Ross likes to leave them as optional extras. In saything that, highly recommended optional extras. Supplements do work, are efficient in terms of saving time, and can definitely provide that edge needed for results. But they are definitely not mandatory at all. This personalized meal plan and structured workout regimen are the most important things to stay disciplined and consistent/accountable to. So as to leave it open for the client’s own personal views Ross DOES NOT include supplements in the custom meal plans. The exception being whey protein / collagen peptide protein as we do see this as a staple item to any diet (especially if you are short on time and can’t cook a meal). As a note, whey protein can be removed for selection just like every other food item. So although recommended as a staple item, it is still optional. Ross does also provide a “recommended supplement guide” for all clients (I have a special discount with — discount code is “WILDROSS” which applies to all products, even CBD oil)